Latest PUBG Update Will Let You Play in High Frame Rate HDR Mode

A new update has arrived for the popular mobile battle royale game PUBG which is the 0.13.5 update. It brings a lot of much-awaited features such as the ability to play in HDR on high frame rate settings (supported by the high-end devices).

PUBG gamers will get a prompt to download the update when they start the game. The size of the update is around 158 MB.

TPP mode in Team Deathmatch mode.

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A PMCO themed events are set to come in late July, with the launch of PMCO song by Alan Walker.

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Additionally, there are new features that have been added to the game. You now have a third person mode (TPP) in Team Deathmatch which is very similar to the gameplay of Call of Duty: Mobile.

There have been various bug fixes such as incorrect player ratings and tiers during the season change. The introduction of rating protection cards which will not let the players rating reduce when the card is active, it only applies to crown tier or below.

A new weapon has also been introduced in the game dubbed PP-19 which makes this the fifth sub-machine gun in the game using 9mm ammunition.

It’s available currently on the Erangel and the Vikendi map. The magazine capacity of the gun is 53 rounds, but it does not support magazine upgrades though you can attach all the scopes up to 6x.

It has a rate of fire similar to the UMP and has a single-shot damage of 35.

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