Latest Oxygen OS update for the OnePlus 6, 3 and 3T is giving battery drain issues

tech2 News Staff
Since the phone will not have a headphone jack, it can squeeze a bigger battery pack in the device.

It seems all is not well for users who got the latest Oxygen OS update for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 3/3T. Oxygen OS 5.1.8  for the OnePlus 6 was supposed to fix some issues for Indian users reported in the Oxygen OS 5.1.6 update. Looks like that has not happened.

Users have complained on the OnePlus forums that their OnePlus 6 started to lose battery at a very high rate after the phone was updated to Oxygen OS 5.1.8.

A user has even complained that his phone had shut down at 50 percent following the update.  It would seem that the screen of the device is consuming more battery than usual and it has reduced the battery life of the device to nearly half for some users.

The tech2 team has also received the Oxygen OS 5.1.8 update, and we are not experiencing any issues with battery drain. It would seem that not all of the users are affected by this problem.

However, the problem is not only limited to the OnePlus 6 and it would seem that even the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T users are finding problems with their battery

As per a report by Gizmochina, users have said that both the devices are operating at reduced battery life and also that both the OnePlus 3/3T are not giving the usual battery low warning at 15 percent. The bug is said to be due to the most recent Oxygen OS 5.1.3 update. The tech2 team cannot individually confirm if the OnePlus 3/3T has a battery drain issue due to this latest OTA update.

OnePlus 5 and 5T users have not reported any strange battery drain issues with their devices on the OnePlus forums. At least not yet. We shall keep you updated on the story as it develops.

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