Latest Nail Art Designs For Republic Day 2020: From Tricolour to Jai Hind, Easy Manicure Inspirations For January 26 Celebrations (View Pics and Videos)

Shaloo Tiwari

Republic day is an Indian holiday that fills you with pride, even after 60 years and will keep doing so forever. And why not? Despite receiving freedom from the British rule on 15th August 1947? India was headed by King George VI until the constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950. So this day when India was finally declared as a democratic republic nation with Dr Rajendra Prasad as the first president of India, lives in the heart of each and every India. Coming back to 2020, Indians celebrate the day with immense enthusiasm and zeal. We the people of India, do everything possible to express our happiness, even if it is through quirky Republic Day nail arts.

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Usually, you will see every nook and cranny of India decorated with people sporting traditional attires from salwar kameez and sarees to kurta and pathanis. However, in the past few years, interesting face painting and tricolour nail arts have taken over the internet. Nail art for Republic day like the ones having our tricolour national flag, chakra or father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, has gone viral in the past. Artists have come up with manicure designs to perfectly reflect their joy on January 26. Check out some of the latest nail art designs for Republic Day 2020:

Interesting Design


One For The Indian Army And Our Rich Heritage


Sone Ki Chidiya


Indian Republic Day Nail Art Tutorial:

Nail art is just one thing, right from Republic Day office bay decoration to singing patriotic songs on January 26, there are so many ways you can celebrate the special day. Some people even make tricolour foods to express their joy!