Lara Dutta Talks About Her Six-Year-Old Daughter Saira Bhupathi, Says She Is Her Greatest Teacher

One of the famous Bollywood actresses and former Miss Universe, Lara Dutta walked down the aisle with 11-time Grand Slam Champion, Mahesh Bhupathi. The lovebirds first had a registered marriage on February 17, 2011, which was followed by celebrations in Goa. They had their lavish and grand Victorian-themed formal church wedding and reception at Candolim resort, Goa. Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi together have a daughter named, Saira Bhupati. (Also Check: Amidst Neha Dhupia's Pregnancy Rumours, Angad Bedi Talks About Life Post-Marriage And Raising A Kid)

In a recent interaction with media at the launch of Pediasure's new flavour, Lara was asked a few questions about her motherhood journey. When she was asked how this phase has changed her as a person, she was quoted as saying, "I think no mother with their first child is really 100 percent prepared for parenthood until it happens to you. It is pretty much something that you learn on the go with each day.”

Lara Dutta, who is a doting mom further went on to say, "It doesn't matter if your child is one day old or whether she is 21 years of age. It is constantly evolving, and each parent's experience is completely different, but it has been a wonderful ride. My daughter has been literally my life's greatest teacher and she has pushed all the limits as (far as) possible because she is at that age right now." She further added, "She is pushing it how far it can go before mom erupts, but it is fun and wonderful. Mahesh has been a wonderful and hands-on dad." (Don't Miss: Shweta Tiwari's Husband Abhinav Kohli Clears If There Are Problems In Their Marriage)

Lara Dutta also shared that she keeps a strict check that her daughter doesn’t consume junk food and eats only healthy meals. The former Miss Universe retorted, "The minute you have kids, everybody becomes an encyclopaedia on your child. So everybody wants to advise you including your mother, mother-in-law, sisters and friends...and obviously, it was tried and taste kind of pattern because your child is not going to do things like other kids do.”

On the same note, she further went on to say, "So, for us from a very young age, especially from the time she started solids, she started with avocados and it helped her form a really good healthy relationship with vegetables. Today, I don't have a problem with Saira because she is a good eater and I think that is my greatest blessing as a mom. It's all about trying to find that balance where you don't deny a child treats, but you just try to find smart ways of sneaking in some healthy things while you are giving them a treat." (You May Also Like: Deepika Padukone's Sister Anisha Trolls Her With A Meme; Reveals How She Is At Home)

Not just this, Lara also stresses how important it is to have an optimum nutrition for a child’s holistic growth. She was quoted as saying, "During summer, my daughter is filled with ideas to play new games, places to go and have lots of uninterrupted fun. I am sure all young ones look forward to the summer break the same way. While children are excited about holidays, parents often stress about how they can engage them effectively and ensure that they eat right."

Lara further added, "My daughter has very strong taste preferences, and I am on the lookout for food options that are not just healthy but also tasty and packed with nutrients."

Lara Dutta, Mahesh Bhupathi and Saira Bhupathi make an adorable family together. We wish them all the happiness and love in this world.

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