Lapataganj Predicted Coronavirus Pandemic in 2014? Video of the Famous SAB TV Comedy Show Goes Viral Where The Characters Discuss Contagious Illness Shockingly Similar To COVID-19

Shaloo Tiwari

Just like the Simpsons seem to have predicted everything right from coronavirus to Murder Hornets to Crude Oil Prices, turns our desi show Lapataganj has done some foretelling too! Yes, a viral video of showing Lapataganj Season1 Episode 86 sees, the main characters talk about the contagious disease, just like coronavirus. In fact, the whole episode is based on the supposed fatal foreign disease that spreads via sneezing. This 2014 episode will look like a scene right off the streets of India in the current situation when we are facing the COVID-19 pandemic. The characters talk in Hindi about a disease that bars any kind of physical contact to prevent its spread. They discuss how this contagious illness is from outside India and how the must not shake hands and always wear a mask. Sounds familiar?  The Simpsons Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak? A 1993 Episode Resurfaces Online With Fans Pointing Similarities to the Current Global Crisis. 

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It all starts as an announcement to Lapataganj (an imaginary village based in India) people where the person making a formal public statement about this disease that is said to have entered the borders of India from "Pardes" aka abroad. He says that the disease is fatal while disseminating the symptoms being "sardi, zukan and chhikein" which means "cold, cough and sneezes". He next mentions staying away from people showing such symptoms hinting at social distancing and visiting the medicos asap hinting at a doctor character from the show, Dr Tiwari. While saying that this disease can kill people, the announcer himself starts coughing, like he has got the coronavirus.

Everything said at the start of the video hints at coronavirus. It presents a scene that resembles the initial stage of COVID-19 pandemic. One of the characters says that about 50 people have lost their lives. This episode seems shockingly like a COVID-19 precautionary video advisory as Dr Tiwari characterises the illness. He can be heard talking about the lack of treatment for the disease and that the only way to get rid of this to maintain a 10 ft distance from people showing symptoms like sneezes, cough and cold. He also mentions that one must not shake hands with people, especially the ones showing symptoms and always wear a mask.

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Watch Full Episode of Lapataganj Season1 Episode 86 Where They Seem to Have Predicted Coronavirus in 2014:

Breathless, shivering is said to be the symptoms of the coronavirus which Dr Tiwari in the show mentions too. Uncanny, right? He also mentions that people must wear a mask to protect themselves from the contagious, coronavirus-like disease. The show is quite popular and consists of famous comic characters like Rakesh Shrivastav, aka Lallan ji, Shubhangi Gokhale as Mishri Mausi, Vineet Kumar as Kachhua Prasad, Krishna Bhatt as Elija, Soma Rathod as Mircha, Preeti Amin as Surili, Abbas Khan as Biji Pandey, Sucheta Khanna as Indumati Gupta, amongst a big crew of funny actors.