All languages now understand the word 'chowkidar': PM Narendra Modi

Chennabasaveshwar P

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took forward his party's 'chowkidar' pitch forward by holding an audio interaction with security guards from a number of locations.

At the outset PM Modi apologised saying, " I want to apologise as some people in last few months for their vested interests have run a disinformation campaign against 'chowkidaars'. It is unfortunate that language of these people has hurt you." He told them that the 'chokidar chor hai' campaign by opposition parties had instead had an unintended consequence.

Modi fielded questions and responded to comments from a handful of security guards telephonically in the party political event.

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"Maximum languages across the world have understood the word 'Chowkidaar', it seems as if they all have accepted it in their vocabulary," he told them.

"You must have noticed that these days everywhere it is you who is being discussed, be it TV or social media, be it in India or abroad. Today, every Indian is saying, 'main bhi chowkidar'," he claimed.

He also responded to a man who claimed to be a security guard from Andhra Pradesh, saying, "I like how you said you are a security guard and so am I. As a security guard, I have considered it my duty to stand guard of certain things. It is my duty to ensure that poor people are able to carry forward without fear. I remember how much of a scary thing it used to be for people of a certain class if any of their family members had to get medical treatment. A number of schemes of my government are aimed to carrying out the duty of providing security to such families," he said.

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