Lance Armstrong Is Not Dead, and His Response to the Death Hoax Is LOL

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Lance Armstrong responds to his death hoax with a sense of humor. (Image: Lance Armstrong via Instagram)

There’s probably no shortage of people who once vowed to kill Lance Armstrongcheating your way to the top of the cycling world leaves a guy with a lot of enemies — but the fallen sports star is alive and well despite being the target of a celebrity death hoax.

On Friday, the Texan, 45, delivered the perfect response to a report that he had died. He posted an Instagram video in which he’s holding a mobile device displaying the story with the headline: “BREAKING NEWS: Road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong has died.” Then it cuts to him and he’s just shaking his head.

“‘The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.’ — Mark Twain,” he captioned the post.

The fake story published on claims that his “daughter Anna Armstrong” posted on Facebook that Lance had died in a Texas hospital following a secret battle with colon cancer.

For the record, Armstrong doesn’t have a daughter named Anna Armstrong. He has a girlfriend named Anna — Anna Hanson. His daughters are: Olivia and twins Grace and Isabelle. (He also has two sons: Luke and Max.)

Armstrong, of course, is a cancer survivor. It was discovered in his testicles and metastasized into his lymph nodes, lungs, and brain. Remember the “Livestrong” bracelets? He started a foundation of the same name to support cancer patients. However, he resigned from it in 2012 after his infamous doping scandal was exposed.

Armstrong isn’t the only celeb who has been the target of a death hoax recently. Check out this video of the Rock and other stars who have responded to rumors of their death with a sense of humor. (What else can you do, right?)

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