Lana Del Rey floats latest album sampler

New Delhi, Sept. 25 -- American singer Lana Del Rey has released a sampler for her new album called Paradise Edition. The album includes nine fresh songs along with the old ones like Blue Jeans etc. The video shows Lana just looking vacantly into the camera with almost no expressions on her face. The songs in the background are strangely similar to one another.

And if we talk about the lyrics, Lana has gone for some really unusual choice of words. Some of the songs which are there in the album are: You can be my photon, baby, My p--y tastes like Pepsi Cola, my eyes are wide like cherry pies and suchlike.

The sampler gives an impression that Lana was short on ideas. We hope the album kicks some dust!

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.