Lamborghini to launch its first all-electric car by 2030

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Lamborghini to launch its first all-electric car by 2030
Lamborghini to launch its first all-electric car by 2030

18 May 2021: Lamborghini to launch its first all-electric car by 2030

Italian sports car brand Lamborghini has announced that its first all-electric car will debut by the second half of this decade i.e. between 2025-2030.

The company has also stated that it is working toward electrifying its current range of cars and the existing line-up will be hybridized by the end of 2024.

Here are more details.

Official words: The battery-powered electric vehicle be the fourth model line

"We have a clear vision of a whole new model, a fourth model, all electric Lamborghini, planned for the second half of this decade," said Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO, Lamborghini.

"Our history has shown that at Lamborghini, we don't back down from any challenge. The plans I am communicating today are built on thorough analysis, business plans, and technical simulations."

Electrifying Bull: 'Absolute focus will remain on performance'

"We build the dreams of our customers. They expect super sports cars that are better than the predecessor. Always innovating with cutting-edge technology! This is an ambitious challenge in itself which we have always successfully taken on," said Winkelmann.

For Lamborghini, it is a balancing act between performance and meeting the emission norms. However, the company says its "absolute focus will remain on performance."

New vision: By 2025, the automaker aims to halve its CO2 emissions

Lamborghini has also announced that it is aiming to lower its carbon emissions by half by the beginning of 2025.

To achieve this, the automaker will hybridize all the three models - Aventador, Huracan, and the Urus SUV - in the next three years.

The company's first series production hybrid super car will arrive in 2023, after the limited-run Sián.

Investment: Lamborghini will invest €1.5 billion over the next four years

Over the course of four years, Lamborghini is planning to invest more than €1.5 billion - its largest in history - for hybridizing and electrifying its product portfolio.

A chunk of the funds will also be utilized for the development of carbon fiber technology to counterbalance the gain in weight that will be caused by the extra hybrid-related hardware.

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