Lakshay Jain: The Youngest Tech Entrepreneur of India, helping in growing brands with Mevrex

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It is easy to touch the top place, but it isn’t easy to survive as a king for a longer time. Technology is hot sheat very few survive at the top. It will be a tough task ahead for Lakshay Jain, youngest Tech Entrepreneur of India to prove his point on a global platform in 2021. But his abilities, passion and discipline give him an advantage.

Being the country of wonders, India is giving gems to the world as Youngest Entrepreneurs. Nowadays, we see a surge of many youngest tech entrepreneurs in India out of that top list. We found a true younger one named Lakshay Jain who is already a boss due to his Development, Marketing and Coaching skills.

Rise of Lakshay Jain gives confidence to the people who are struggling to find their way after Pandemic. The younger generation is doing a fantastic job of lifting the Indian economy. IT is playing a major role in the last five to seven years. Highest taxpayers are tech entrepreneurs like Lakshay Jain.

The journey from a youngest Web/App developer of India to youngest Tech Entrepreneur of India:

The road to entrepreneurship was not easy, but his talent made it sure at a tender age that he will achieve very big in life before 20. Today with years of IT experience helps him learn what you don’t get in schools and colleges. He is learning things practically with his passion.

Potential of becoming the youngest and most successful Tech entrepreneur from India:

With his determination and hard work, Lakshay Jain is taking his mevrex to new heights. From digital marketing to web and app, he gives all the service as an IT expert and IT company with his Mevrex. He and his company are the perfect places to help you kick start your business or expand your brand value digitally.

Mevrex can be the next TCS, Infosys under Lakshay Jain’s leadership and vision:

Lakshay Jain is giving everything at a young age to make things worthy and prove that India too can produce a Top IT company in the world. We have seen many top executives from India who are handling the world’s best IT companies from Google to many. Now it is high time to register an IT company name in the world’s top-five IT companies.

Productive Habits making Lakshay Jain a successful Tech Entrepreneur under 20:

When we talk about success, what is it that qualifies a youthful entrepreneur to become thriving? Most of them have chosen a set of productive habits. Yes, age is just a number you can achieve anything in life if you are focused on the thing you love the most and remain productive all the time. The secret of Lakshay Jain success is his productive thinking. He works with an open mind, which allows him to work with varieties of people and learn new things faster than most.

He works with purpose, setting shorter goals which help remain focus and complete tasks in time. We find this habit as a key thing in him, helping him succeed as a tech entrepreneur under 20 of India. He is the Founder and CEO of organisation Mevrex.

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