Lahore is shocked by ‘black ring’ in the sky; Here is what it could be

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What looked "alien" to many may not be a rare phenomenon.

A viral video of a mysterious black ring floating in the sky has caught the attention of people in Lahore and triggered a raft of reactions online. While some have called the peculiar sight as "aliens", others have dubbed it as an "evil cloud".

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However, the O-shaped black ring is not a rare occurrence as the Internet seems to believe.  According to an NBC report, the black smoke ring that was also spotted over the Kazakh village is similar to the "Black Ring of Leamington Spa" spotted by a schoolgirl last year. Later, it was found out that the ring was formed due to a fireworks test in the nearby area.

According to the news website, circular smoke vortices usually form after a blast through a circular structure, which could be from a factory or a homemade trashcan ring launcher.

Tweeted by many, the viral clip has prompted hilarious reactions. "There’s so much smog in Lahore, the entire city is blowing smoke rings," wrote a user while sharing the video.