L'Agence Fashion- The Last Of A Dying Breed Of Industry Leader

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While most of the e-commerce world lives and dies on algorithms and marketing performance. there are few visionary brands left in each industry today whose success predominantly rests upon artistry and innate psychology.

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An exceptional standout of such an dying breed is the ready-to-wear fashion leader L'Agence.

Under co-founder & CEO Jeff Rudes, also the co-founder of J Brand, L'Agence's design philosophy is based on the driving principal that classic, clean designs will never tire and that the fashion markets will inevitably correct themselves using classic design as a baseline.

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Throw in a dash of style suitable to each major market- whether its slanting silhouettes for the Paris artist, dualistic functional and fashionable looks for the New York young professional, or maritime or floral patterning for the St. Barts vacationer- and L'Agence is at once a gold-standard across markets while at the same time a bespoke choice for each.

This is one of the reasons why L'Agence has achieved both widespread and concomitant success across global markets, with record retention rates from its seasonal consumers.

Such connection to the core motivators/ trigger points of its demographic has enabled L'Agence to catch a major foothold and sustainably grow off this baseline by holding true to its design principles.

Not many other brands, especially in this day and age, can flaunt the same accomplishment, with companies and markets always rushing to provide the latest products, looks, and solutions in demand.

L'Agence' success seems largely independent and liberated from these vicissitudes, enabling Rudes and his boutique team at L'Agence to focus on what they do best: design clothes that unlock and embellish a woman's beauty in the most honest and pure form.