Ladi Saka Spearheads His Way Through Entertainment, Sports & Fashion

Alena Rinwi
·4-min read

The music industry is about establishing relationships and strong partnerships within your network. Hussain Ladi Saka, commonly known as Ladi is a serial entrepreneur making noise in entertainment, sports, fashion and tech. He excels in network marketing to scale in different businesses with his publishing company Saka Entertainment World Wide. The company has had the opportunity to A/R on a few projects that were released with Sony Music Entertainment in collaboration with Hits Songs Music Group and a few projects that will be released this first quarter of 2021. They are also looking to work with more producers, artists, executives and secure more placements worldwide.

Ladi was introduced to the sports industry corporate structure with Igniting The World Baskeball that was created by his mentor Carlos Jordan (@coachjordannba). Where he had the opportunity to learn the operations of the sports industry from a hands on approach. Coach Jordan was able to acquire strong partnerships with companies such as the JR. NBA & Under Armour to name a few. The clinic tour consisted of training boys and girls ages to 16 with a focus on the fundamentals of basketball. From his experience with a successful executive in the entertainment industry and now sports Ladi was able to apply the knowledge he acquired into the current business ventures.

In the near future, Ladi wants to accomplish raising a successful “seed pool round” with an investment firm or the “perfect fit strategic partne”r to join the Tekton Los Angeles team. Him and his partner @christrillion have been growing the business for a few years, scaling and now are ready to expand the business globally. Their company is a print on demand fulfillment center, providing on demand quality decorating services and shipping services under the same umbrella. Their goal is to franchise this year with the expansion of new locations in new cities.

What Motivated you to get started with your business?

As an entrepreneur you have to be able to persevere through the hardships and take the losses that you acquire along the journey as lessons to help you get closer to achieving success in any career that you are pursuing. I got motivated to start my businesses through my interests for math and numbers especially when the goal long term was to be able to take care of my family. As I am grateful for the opportunity to create my own lane in America. My family has successful individuals across the world from my hometown London United Kingdom to Nigeria and now Los Angeles. My conquest is to extend the legacy of my family with success in the tech industry.

What are the biggest challenges in the music industry for artists?

The biggest challenges for artists in the music industry is generating a sustainable income from music being their only line of work and learning how to survive working for yourself. The goal is to create an organic fan base through streaming on the platforms Youtube, Spotify & Apple Music. The residuals from Spotify are paid on a quarterly basis with a low margin conversion payout per stream. My objective is to educate and inform artists the best ways to make money in the music industry is establishing your brand through the creation of your apparel. As your audience is paying to wear you! Creativity has no cap on how much you can generate with the margins working in your favor. You can use these proceeds to reinvest in other aspects of your craft. As marketing your single is not cheap. What determines the success in music is how well you are able to market yourself with the resources that you have. Once you are able to build traction with a successful single campaign with adequate streams monthly and overall with a database that you can market directly to your audience to convert into sales. Labels would only invest into a brand that has a well rounded team to cover all aspects of the industry to partner with to earn their return on investment. Through merchandise you can create your own income, brand awareness that helps with marketing yourself.

How does your platform help transform an entrepreneur starting to reach some success working with you?

By connecting with my network and I we are able to focus on the goals you are working on accomplishing. Connection with experts specialize in the solution we are seeking. Brand authority through social media marketing, press relations, with the opportunity to create your own publishing company that can be distributed through Sony Orchard platform that we can provide when working with us. The access to the tools to utilize for spotify, youtube, & tik tok campaigns to market your single. We are able to focus on building your brand from scratch with Tekton Los Angeles to give you the opportunity to acquire more clients and support for your brand.

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