Ladakh welcome for explorers, but not exploiters, says BJP MP Jamyang Namgyal

Namgyal with SPPU V-C Nitin Karmalkar and city MP Girish Bapat, in Pune on Wednesday. (Express Photo: Ashish Kale)

Explorers are welcome to visit and work for Ladakh, but no one will be allowed to exploit the newly-formed union territory’s land, BJP leader and Ladakh MP Jamyang Namgyal said in Pune on Wednesday.

Addressing an event — Pune — Ladakh, Building Future Together — Namgyal (33) said many investment proposals for Ladakh have flooded his office after the abrogation of Article 370. “Ladakh has a fragile ecosystem, we follow unique cultural and traditional values... the geographic and climactic conditions contribute in making the land as beautiful as it is today. We will strive hard to keep these intact and wish to preserve them even in the future. We will discourage anything that will pose a threat to the demography of the locals or to their existence. We will discourage opportunist who want to exploit the land,” said Namgyal.

The first-time MP said Ladakh was a “jewel for India”, not merely a “piece of land”, and called upon people to understand the land and its people. He said Ladakh was a “blessed land” with enormous natural resources— large glaciers, medicinal plants and herbs — as well as resources that are found only in Himalayan regions.

“While it is growing as a popular tourist destination, there are still many areas that are left unexplored. Ladakh can teach the world and share its traditional knowledge in Buddhism and culture,” said Namgyal.

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In August, a speech by Namgyal in Parliament, supporting the Centre’s decision to abrogate Article 370, had gone viral.

Ladakh will officially become a union territory on October 31, after which several key decisions will rest with the autonomous councils in the region, said Namgyal. “There will be a system to check (the credentials) of those showing interest towards investing in Ladakh, as it will be a very different UT. There will be separate Local District Autonomous Councils, located both in Leh and Kargil. Policy-making and planning will be undertaken and controlled by these autonomous councils. Decisions regarding permissions, as per the new rules, will be reserved with these councils,” said the MP.

Namgyal also called upon the youth to take an active role even in politics, which, according to him, was not a “dirty game’’. The MP said, “Youth must enter politics to clean up the political system and contribute so that it helps steer the nation forward. There may be some bad politicians but politics is not a dirty game. One cannot disassociate from politics even if one does not have a deep interest in it.”