Ladakh Boy’s Hard Salute to the Army Impresses Twitter, Earns Him a Scholarship Offer From BJP MP

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Despite all its negative sides, social media can be a wonderful space to showcase one’s humanity. The amazing examples range from the Twitterati banding together to save a street vendor’s dying business to multiple donation campaigns to help those in need. Some have got the job due to social media ‘virality’. Through a globalised network, everyone can help someone, if they want to.

The latest sensation to catch the attention of Twitter-folk is a little boy from Ladakh. He has managed to impress BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar so much that he wants to start a scholarship campaign for him.

In the video posted by ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police), a border patrol team is passing through the streets of Chushul. Standing on the curb is a little boy, he doesn’t look more than five. As the vehicle approaches him, Namgyal, looks up at the personnel with bright eyes. An officer shouts out a drill command “salute” to the boy and he obliges. However, his stance is a little off so the soldier stands near him and says “aise karo” (do it like this) to the little boy.

The boy obliges and gives the toughest salute he can manage. His posture is stiff, almost like a trained cadet of the army, and he looks straight ahead.

While the video was shot on October 8, it was posted to Twitter on October 11.

“Salute! Namgyal, a local kid in Chushul, Ladakh saluting the ITBP troops passing by. The enthusiastic kid saluting with high josh was randomly clicked by an ITBP Officer on 8 October morning,” said the caption of the video.

Writer Meghna Girish shared the video on her timeline. She wrote, “#SundayMotivation from WhatsApp What a way to start the day Can anyone any age do a more 'kadak' salute? @Tiny_Dhillon Wishing everyone this cheer. God bless our little one...” she added many flag and smiling emojis to the tweet.

Her retweet was noticed by Chandrasekhar. He was so moved by the boy’s salute and style that he has offered to open a scholarship corpus in the boy’s name. In his tweet, he requests the ITBP to pass on the parents’ details so that the process can kick-off.

His followers have appreciated his initiative and many have expressed interest to contribute to the boy’s education.

The video has garnered over 54,000 views so far.