Labourers from Okhla Industrial Area rejoice as factories resume work

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Factory at Okhla Industrial Area (Photo/ANI)
Factory at Okhla Industrial Area (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India], May 31 (ANI): As factories resume work on Monday - the very first day Delhi began the phased process of easing Covid-19 necessitated lockdown measures, labourers in Okhla Industrial Area took a sigh of relief.

Pramod Singh, a labourer from the area said, "I am very happy with the decision. At least now our livelihood will start coming back on track and we will be able to feed our children".

He also mentioned that almost everyone is back and none of them is too afraid to work. "Nobody is afraid to rejoin; everyone is already back. The work is continuing well, and everyone is using masks properly", he added.

Pramod was thankful that the restrictions were lifted and that now they would not have to worry about how to feed their children. He was also hopeful that the schools will reopen soon so that his children can start studying too.

Talking of how the easing of restrictions for factories directly impacts many, Rajveer, a rickshaw puller said, "Our work depends on companies and factories directly. As they resume work, we'll also get an opportunity to earn some money."

Rajveer delivers material to and from the factories in Okhla and did not have any work the entire lockdown. "I stayed inside my home for the entire duration of this lockdown as I had no other work to fall back on". (ANI)

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