KW Publicists: The Top International PR Firm To Hire Right Now

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In times of a pandemic, where many have unfortunately seen their businesses fizzle into oblivion, others have risen to the occasion and seen an opportunity to thrive. It’s in these uncertain times that KW Publicists was incepted. The company’s CEO Dora Rodriguez, a journalist and former cover model says she had already been helping fellow models with their Public Relations and image management behind the scenes, just for fun.

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“It’s in my blood. I started to learn about PR when I was studying journalism full-time in university in Canada, and at the same time I was in the running for the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, Miss Universe, which was owned by Donald Trump then. Through this organization we were taught the importance of image, and I learned that the most successful public figures in the world had a PR professional on retainer to make sure the world viewed them and their brand accurately,” explained Rodriguez.

What has made so many public figures of many different industries all around the world hire KW Publicists, is the expertise, knowledge, and personal involvement the company’s CEO has in every new project. But one person alone can’t take this company to the next level, so recently Rodriguez has hired other journalists and image consultants to the team.

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“It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the concepts remain the same. You could be a fashion model, a reality TV star, an athlete, a musician, or a Fortune 500 Entrepreneur, the process is the same. We just adjust the audience and how you’re presented to the world, to make the PR work relevant to your niche. We take on clients of every industry, in almost every country, and we communicate in different languages,” said Rodriguez.

It’s without a doubt that the process is working and public figures believe in this company, because in under a year, KW Publicists has added dozens of new clients, of different industries, to the firm and has many more pending.