Kuniao or Coolbird, new Chinese browser provides legal access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Beijing: A Chinese company released the first web browser that will provide Chinese citizens access to social media apps Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The country has had the longest ban on the use of social media along with 10,000 domain names under its Internet censorship policy.

Kuniao or Coolbird is the first-ever Chinese company that is now promising legal access to social media platforms for China. Almost 200.000 Chinese flocked to register with the company causing the company’s server to get clogged.

Kunaio is offering access with a list of rules that sound more like the government and not the company. The company requires users to register their phone numbers while their browsing history will be tracked according to a version of the user agreement posted online. The users are expected to respect "The Seven Bottom Lines" - including the law, the socialist system and the national interest. The users also need to abide by the "The Nine Do Nots" that entails- No opposing the Chinese constitution, or harm national security, or disclose state secrets, or subvert national sovereignty - the list goes on.

The unique but unusual nature of this browser has many technology experts talking about the service and what it means for the citizens.

"I've never seen anything like this," said William Long, a well-known tech blogger based in Shenzhen. He added saying, "This couldn't exist without at least a degree of government backing. It's a pretty sensitive area."

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