Krushna Abhishek: Something Has Changed Between Kashmera & I After The Twins

4 years after tying the knot, Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah became the proud parents of twins last year in May 2017. The couple kept the news under wraps and it came as a surprise when they revealed the news to the world. got talking to Krushna about the twins and the proud father talks about parenthood and how life has changed for him and Kashmera.


Are you enjoying fatherhood?
Completely! Can't tell you the joy I get when I see them smile. I keep travelling due to work so don’t get to spend as much time as I want with them, but all my free time is for the twins.

How old are they now?
They are 10 months old. How time flies. Seems like yesterday when Kashmera and I got them home.

What have you named them?
Krishank and Raayan. Kashmera suggested Raayan; it means -- Warrior. I picked Krishank -- it is derived by my name but it’s one of the names for Lord Shiva.

What made you keep it a secret?
We were contemplating having babies. Both of us wanted to be parents but there were days when we told each other that we should extend our family later, then there were times when we thought about starting it immediately since I was 35 and wanted my baby to be old enough by the time I am old. This made us keep everything under wraps.

When are you introducing them?
Very soon. They will turn a year old in two months. I want their introduction to be grand. You know how my shows are, right? That way. We will host a grand party for the industry and media to introduce the twins.

Has Kashmera changed after becoming a mother?
I can’t tell you to what extent. Now, her whole day is for them. She doesn’t keep calling me when I step out for work. I would add, if a husband needs space from the wife, make babies (laughs).

Who was keener to become a parent?
Both of us were keen but I think I was slightly more inclined. I am glad she supported me in the decision.

Image Source: instagramkrushnaabhishek & instagram/kashmeerashah