Kristen Schaal's Reporter Suspects Funny Business in Kidnapping Comedy 'Austin Found' (Exclusive Clip)

As evidenced by our current era of non-stop reality TV, Americans are obsessed with celebrity — and with achieving it at any costs. That hunger for fame is the subject of the upcoming comedy Austin Found, in which a former child beauty pageant winner concocts a scheme to make her spotlight dreams come true. As you’ll find in Yahoo Movies‘ exclusive clip from the film (watch it above), however, her ruse apparently isn’t sharp enough to fool everyone paying attention to her rise to media prominence.

That’s because Kristen Schaal’s reporter Nancy seems to be more than a bit suspicious about the ordeal being suffered by Leanne (Linda Cardellini), a Texas has-been who’s now claiming — to any news outlet in sight — that her 11-year-old daughter has been kidnapped. Thing is, the kid is actually being held by Leanne’s ex-boyfriend (Skeet Ulirch) and his friend (Craig Robinson). And while Nancy’s assistant Matt (Breaking Bad’s Matt Jones) isn’t 100% sure that Nancy’s skepticism is warranted, it doesn’t take long for him to come around to agreeing that Leanne’s PR blitz does seem like a funny way of going about locating a snatched child…unless, that is, one believes that kidnappers are swayed by grieving mothers’ TV appearances.

Austin Found’s stellar cast includes not only Cardellini, Schaal, Ulrich, and Robinson, but also Ursula Parker, Patrick Warburton, Jaime Pressly, and Chris Parnell. Look for it in theaters and on-demand on July 7.

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