Krishna Shroff's Ex-boyfriend Eban Hyams Posts About Staying Gracious After Breakup

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Tiger Shroff's sister Krishna Shroff broke up with her boyfriend Eban Hyams in November 2020, after dating for a year. The Australian basketball player, in his recent posts on Instagram, has talked about staying gracious even if one's former partner is bad-mouthing them to others.

"If you the one who decided to break off with you ex partner in a relationship just know they gonna think, do and say the worst things about you so they can feel better about themselves but it never really fixes the problem and how they feel cause deep down inside they still hurting. So don't play the same game as them just try to be there as a friend and try to help if you can by being the bigger person. #GODBLESSES," he wrote in a post.

He also shared a selfie video with I Ain't Mad At Cha by Tupac playing in the background.

Krishna, after deleting all the posts with Eban from her Instagram profile, shared a note on her Instagram Story in November 2020 to announce their breakup. She requested her fan clubs not to tag her in posts featuring Eban as they are not dating anymore. "All you fan clubs are cute and all, but please stop tagging me in edits with Eban," she wrote. Krishna added, "We aren't together anymore, so stop associating us. Letting you all know since it was so public. Thanks."

While they were dating, the pair were pretty frank about sharing pictures from their daily lives on Instagram.

In December, Krishna had said in an interview that she and Eban did not have a messy breakup, reported HT. "There were many things that eventually led to it, but I’ll keep that private. I think we both just realised we would be better off as friends as opposed to being in a relationship, so it wasn’t very messy of a breakup at all," she said.