Krishna Pimpley Is An Entrepreneur With Multiple Responsibilities; Read His Success Story Here!

Press Release

Responsibility! It is a word which makes many people run away from it. Even some entrepreneurs have distanced themselves from taking multiple responsibilities. However, a true entrepreneur is someone who lives by his responsibilities and has something to give it back to society. Krishna Pimpley is one example of it who is the founder of CIS Bureaus Facility Services Pvt Ltd which has a turnover of Rs 370 crores & group turnover is Rs. 700 crore annually. Besides this, he handles 42 offices with having almost 16000 employees all over India. Besides tree plantations, he is expanding CIS Bureaus Facility Services Pvt Ltd in developing the latest techniques in pharmaceutical divisions which are intended to be introduced in impoverished African countries. He is also Central advisory Board Member Government of India for Child & Adolescent labour.

What makes him different from others is his contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Trustee of Dadasaheb Phalke MSK Trust and Golden Charities, the entrepreneur also provides affordable housing to city dwellers. He also has his keen interest in childcare and advises proactive policies to immunize economy from the global recessionary trend. Besides this, he is also a phenomenal storyteller. He entered into the filmmaking business as an investor for ‘ISIS: Enemies Of Humanity’, a Bollywood film and a gripping tale which spoke about international terrorism. Previously he produced Marathi movies ‘Painjan’and Çhaukat’ which had its major focus on the social issues.

Moreover, he is currently working on another Bollywood film, ‘Kashmir: The Final Resolution’ which is a story of the current status of the state after the abrogation of article 370 along with his nephew Mr. Yuvraj Pimple. “I believe one can bring in the change & contribute to transform India from current rickety economy to a self-reliant nation”, stated Mr. Krishna Pimpley. Furthermore, speaking about his primary goal, he said, “As a businessman, my main objective is not only to make money but also serve the people in any capacity. Spending lots of money on self does not make you rich but helping others to grow is what makes you more rich. Mr. Krishna Pimpley’s forthcoming works include producing TV serials and web series which we want to hear from the man himself.