Krishna Janmashtami 2019: Indian Railways to Run These Special Trains to Mathura

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Krishna Janmostav is one of the most important Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. The celebration takes place all around the country and in Krishna temples across the world. Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on the eight-day, or Ashtami, or the Krishna Paksha in the Bhadrapada month of the Hindu calendar. This year, while most of the places are observing Janmashtami on August 24, 2019, a few places are also celebrating the big day on Friday, August 23.

As the day marks a special celebration of Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, devotees move to the city to witness Janmashtami celebrations. In order to ease the movement of devotees, the UP government has decided to run a number of Janmashtami celebration trains from August 23- 26.

According to the details, following are the Janmashtami special trains, which will connect Agra to the Indian cities of Jhansi, Gwalior and New Delhi:

· 51831 Jhansi-Agra Passenger

· 51832 Agra-Jhansi Passenger

· 51881 Gwalior-Agra Passenger

· 51882 Agra-Gwalior Passenger

· 14211 Agra- New Delhi Intercity Express

· 14212 New Delhi-Agra Intercity Express

The Indian cities of Mathura, Brij and Vrindavan see a special celebration on the occasion of Janmashtami as Lord Krishna is said to have spent his childhood in these cities. As per Hindu mythology, Shri Krishna was born in a jail cell in Mathura, where his parents Devaki and Vasudeva were held captive by his uncle king Kans. This makes Mathura a place of significance for Krishna devotees.