Krishna Janmabhoomi row: Yadav community seeks removal of Shah Idgah mosque

A new development comes in regarding the legal war of the Krishna Janmabhoomi. A notice has been issued to a mosque as well as the Sunni waqf board after the Yadav clan claimed that they have the right over the Krishnajanma Bhoomi. The Mathura court has issued the notice to the Shahi-Idgah mosque community the Sunni Waqf board and the Krishnajanma Bhoomi trust on behalf of the Yadav community. A petition too be has been filed asking for the removal of the Shahi-Idgah mosque from the Krishna Janmabhoomi. The Yadav's have made this claim citing their community is the direct descendants of Lord Krishna. The Mathura court has also scheduled the hearing for this case in March.