Krishna Janmabhoomi Case: Congress opposes plea to 'Remove mosque'

Twist in the Krishna Janmabhoomi fight. The court is hearing the janmasthan petition, Congress Party opposes the plea that seeks removal of the mosque. This petition was earlier filed by the Krishna devotees who are seeking the removal of a mosque.

Congress Petitioner Mahesh Pathak has filed a petition saying that the petition has got nothing to do with politics. Our ancestors know about the Krishna Janmabhoomi. It is our duty to maintain peace and tranquillity in Mathura.

Council for Krishna Devotees petitioners, Vishnu Jain ask, "People are trying to play politics in the matters which are in the domain of the judiciary. Is it the official stand of the Congress party?"

"Congress’ opposition of Krishna Janmabhoomi is nothing new. Congress also tried to stop the Ram Janmabhoomi reservation. These people find Hindus, easy to attack," says the Author Ratan Sharda.