Kris Wu praised for performance in "L.O.R.D."

4 Oct - Kris Wu seemed to have redeemed himself following criticism regarding his performance in the romance film, "Never Gone", with the new film that has recently been released in theatres.

As reported on Sina's Daily News, the singer-turned-actor was acknowledged as the saving grace of his new film, the action fantasy, "L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties", which was universally panned by critics due to its mediocre use of CGI.

Some critics praised the actor for his portrayal of the character Yin Chen, saying that he perfectly captured both the coldness and warmth of the character.

"It was challenging. We had to use our imagination. There is nothing there for you to act with," said Kris about his experience working in such film.

Back in July, Kris' performance in "Never Gone" was slammed by audiences for overacting and lack of chemistry with his co-star Crystal Liu.

On the other hand, despite failing to impress audiences with its first attempt at doing a motion capture CGI movie, the Guo Jingming film, which is an adaptation of his novel of the same name, still received a standing ovation at its premiere screening.