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BANGALORE, India, May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As the 2nd wave of the pandemic continues evolving, businesses have started to reconfigure themselves to navigate the uncharted territories.

With sporadic industrial recovery and intermittent lockdowns across the nation, several companies are looking for cash flow solutions to keep themselves afloat.

'Instead of opting for loans with a hefty interest, there are other finance methods, such as invoice discounting services that help businesses ease their cash flow struggles,' said Manish Kumar, Founder and CEO, KredX. KredX enables businesses to get access to seamless cash flow while accelerating growth with its innovative suite of products - Invoice Discounting Platform - to provide quick working capital assistance to businesses, Revenue-based Financing - to provide growth capital assistance to D2C and SaaS businesses, Capvel - for enterprises to identify financial opportunities. Additionally, KredX's MANDII is an independent technology platform that benefits small businesses by providing quick financing. KredX Provides Cash Flow Continuity 'Under usual circumstances, a business will turn to financial institutes like banks or NBFCs to seek financial assistance. But with the 2nd wave of the pandemic and the consequential repercussions due to intermittent lockdown, businesses are all the more in need of seamless cash flow to manage operations and sail through these unprecedented times. This is where KredX can help you out,' said Manish Kumar, Founder and CEO, KredX.

Invoice discounting is one of the easiest ways to avail funds without going under debt, paying heavy interests or waiting for invoices to get cleared. With this method of financing, businesses can leverage their unpaid invoices to procure funds for their short-term working capital necessities. Here, businesses sell their unpaid invoices to financial service providers, such as KredX, and obtain almost 90% of the invoice value to keep to avoid stagnancy. Especially since the 2nd wave of the pandemic and its overall impact on the business ecosystem, most companies are looking for credit extension. Businesses can easily utilise their unpaid invoices to get quick access to working capital from financial service providers, such as KredX, where they can quickly sign-up online, and a substantial value of the invoice gets released within 24 - 72 hours. The pending amount also gets credited once the client releases the payment. Being an off-balance sheet solution, invoice discounting is not considered as a loan, and as such, the fund businesses garner through this method.

KredX's Invoice Discounting Can Help You Back On Your Feet With vaccination drives and lockdown curbing the spread of the virus, one can hope for recovery very soon. But, exiting the lockdown with bad debt or a tight budget can hamper efforts to revitalise business operations. However, with KredX, entrepreneurs can facilitate continuous growth to ensure their operations are up and running even during and after the crisis. Finally, it is important to understand that, unlike debts, invoice financing doesn't affect the debt-to-equity ratio of a business; they are not borrowing money but leveraging their invoices. This can help attract investment to accelerate business growth.

Amidst such challenging times, businesses must ensure to explore debt-free options, such as invoice financing, to sail through the pandemic. To know more about KredX's invoice discounting and other offerings for businesses, please visit: About KredX Founded in 2015, KredX was started with the single mission of solving working capital challenges. Accounts receivable, once appropriately harnessed, has the potential to solve working capital issues, thereby accelerating growth. This factor laid the foundation of KredX – India's leading integrated cash flow solutions provider. The KredX suite of products gradually evolved from an Invoice Discounting Platform to solve much bigger problems in the entire supply chain in Revenue-based Financing, Capvel, and MANDII. Through the KredX product suite, we venture into providing liquidity to businesses, big and small, operating in a wide array of industries.

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