KPCC predicts new political development in KTKA after bypolls

Bengaluru, Nov 22 (PTI) Congress Karnataka unit chiefDinesh Gundu Rao on Friday said there will be a 'new politicaldevelopment' in the state after the December 5 bypolls to 15assembly segments, as he rubbished reports of internaldifferences and non-cooperation in the party for campaigning.

The main issue in this election (bypolls) is- thisgovernment has been formed illegally, and BJP that was tryingto save it will face a snub, Rao said.

'.....people will come to a good decision in thebypolls and there will be a new political development,' hetold reporters here.

Several Congress leaders including congresslegislature party leader Siddaramaiah have been predicting thecollapse of the BJP government in the state after the bypollsand the possibility of a mid-term polls.

The ruling BJP needs to win at least six seats in thebypolls to remain in a majority in the 224-member assembly,which will still have two vacant seats-- Maski and R R Nagar.

However, JD(S) leaders, who have indicated that theydont want mid-term polls, have stated that a call will betaken on the partys role, in case the ruling BJP losesmajority, only after the results on December 9.

Rubbishing reports of differences within the party andnon-cooperation of leaders for campaigning, Rao said 'We arecovering all constituencies and leaders are participating.

Campaign meetings will begin only from tomorrow, atsome places in Mysuru, Siddaramaiah has begun campaigning.

Tomorrow, Veerappa Moily and I are going toChikkaballapura.Parameshwar and few of us will be campaigningin Bengaluru later... D K Shivakumar has also communicatedthat he will be joining after November 24, he said.

All leaders were on the field and cooperating, he added.

Rao alleged that BJP leaders did not have anything elseto focus on and hence were targeting Siddaramaiah by spreadingreports that he was left alone in the campaigning.

Congress sources had recently said several seniorleaders were upset with Siddaramaiah and Raos unilateralstyle of functioning and about their opinion not beingconsidered during selection of candidates for the bypolls.

Citing political developments in Maharashtra, where theCongress and NCP were in talks to form a government along withShiv Sena who was till recently BJPs ally, Rao claimed therewas a feeling that BJP was a danger for the country, and thereis growing opinion to unite against it.

Developments in Mumbai makes it clear that no one isable to tolerate BJPs behaviour..

today the issue is not only about ideologicaldifferences, but the dictatorial way in which the country isbeing governed and any voice of dissent against Narendra Modiand Amit Shah was not being tolerated, he said.

There should be reasons for Shiv Sena that was inalliance with the BJP to come out and stand against them, Raopointed out.

'The message clearly will be applicable for Karnatakatoo...does our state need politics of poaching and allurementspractised by BJP?' the congress leader asked. PTI KSUBN BN