KP Maurya suggests Priyanka Gandhi to study PM Modi's 5 years before making comments

Keshav Prasad Maurya, Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh commented on Congress general secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over 'chowkidar' phrase. He said, "Mrs. Vadra should first study about PM Modi's 5 years properly and then she should comment about something. Congress can give slogan 'Garibi Hatao' for poor but in reality they never did anything for them neither for farmers nor for labors. But when PM Modi came into power, changes came." Maurya further said, "PM Modi started 'Jan Dhan Yojna' and we (BJP) removed all the middlemen and corrupts. Now people of India and BJP are together." He also said, "People believe in PM Modi. We all know who he is the thief. Even, an ordinary man knows who spread corruption, BJP or Congress. That ordinary man will instantly say that PM Modi is an honest man. And, all the citizens of India are capable to answer back those who will question PM Modi."