Kourtney Kardashian‘s new site Poosh branded ‘disappointing’ by fans: ‘Another unrealistic blog from a celebrity’

Katie Rosseinsky

Kourtney Kardashian’s fans have been left unimpressed by the launch of her new lifestyle blog Poosh.

The reality star has been promoting the new project on Instagram for the past few weeks with a series of nearly-naked photos, and unveiled the finished site yesterday.

While some followers congratulated the star on the new launch and described the photos as “gorgeous,” others branded her latest venture “disappointing.”

Frustrated fans told the 39-year-old that they had been expecting a “clothing line,” new “brand” or “subscription box,” not “just a blog.”

“Disappointing af I thought it would be a lit clothing line or something but then again you are naked here so I should’ve known to not expect clothes with the Kardashians,” one Instagram user wrote under her announcement post.

“How disappointing. Totally thought it was gonna be a brand… skincare… home décor… & it turns out it’s just a blog,” another said.

“I was really excited to finally find out what your poosh products were… but you only launched your website? I think,” a third wrote, as another asked: “How is this different than anything else?”

Others took issue with Kardashian’s portrayal of everyday life on the site, slamming it as “unrealistic” and claiming that the blog content lacked “body positivity”.

“Another unrealistic blog about life from a celebrity with private chefs and nannies telling us regular mums about life… and body image… please stop,” one critical comment read.

“Headlines as soon as I clicked on your webpage… 'How to get fuller lips' 'how to flatten your tummy' 'how to look good when your [sic] naked”' Where is any body positivity AT ALL @kourtneykardash,” another said.

Discussing her website with Vogue, Kardashian described Poosh as “a place of discovery,” and said that it aimed to provide interviews with experts and product recommendations, “curating a lifestyle that’s very much a lifestyle that [she] leads.”