Kourtney Impersonates Kim Kardashian In The Tightest Tank Top; Pokes Fun, ‘I Have 7 Stylists Yet I’m In Leggings’

It’s a mad house on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. After Kim Kardashian confronted with Kourtney Kardashian for not filming enough and not giving her fans a deep glimpse into her personal space, Kourtney decided to make up for it by planning a fam trip to Wyoming. It’s here that Koutney decided to hit back at Kim in a subtle yet powerful manner. Kourt plans a family dinner where the K-clan not just dress up as each other but also imitate the person they are playing.

It’s during this fateful dinner that Kourtney dresses up and acts like Kim. She sports the tightest tank top in the history of tank tops, high waisted leggings and sunnies. Looking straight at the camera, she speaks in Kim-voice.  “My pants are Yeezy. My shoes are Yeezy. I have seven stylists, and they put me in sweats and leggings. Just like that effortless look, you know. But it’s like, a lot of effort.” ALSO READ: KUWTK Promo: Kim Kardashian Admits Being ‘Mean’ To Kourtney Kardashian; Khloé Admits Being Fizzle

Kourtney goes on to shade Kim by adding in Kim-voice, “I pretty much started this family. Nobody would be anywhere with out me.” That stings!

Who did Kim play, are you wondering? Well, Kourtney of course. Speaking in a valley accent, Kim says, “I’m late to dinner because I am a mom, and I can be late to do mom things.” She picks on her sister adding, “I’m just like pushing my way through life by myself. I’m just going to sit here on my phone and f**k everyone.”

Image Source:- instagram/kuwtk/ kimkardashian/ kourtneykardash

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