Korea's 'K-Beauty' to fascinate Southeast Asia, demand for health and living also increases

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Korean products are very popular in Southeast Asian markets
Korean products are very popular in Southeast Asian markets

Seoul [South Korea], July 19 (ANI/Global Economic): E-commerce platform Shopee announced TOP5 Korean products list that gained high popularity in Southeast Asia in the first half of this year. Beauty products recorded the highest sales among Korean products in six Southeast Asian countries and Taiwan, where Shopee is located. It was followed by 'K-pop products', 'food', 'health' and 'living'.

Popular K-beauty products are different depending on the characteristics of each country. Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines have high demand for skincare products. On the other hand, makeup cosmetics are popular in Vietnam and Taiwan.

Local customers usually purchase samples for testing when purchasing skincare products. They also tend to buy additional skincare products while buying other products. Nacific, a natural cosmetics brand entered the Shopee, judged that Southeast Asian consumers relatively feel a price burden on the expensive cosmetics. It achieved high sales by producing and providing sample kits for free and selling those separately to lower barriers to purchase.

The sales of living products increased more than sixfold. The living products recorded the highest growth as customers stay at home longer due to the spread of COVID-19. Scented candle products had the biggest demand last year. As more and more Korean living product sellers opened stores on Shopee, various products such as 'Exfoliating Glove,' 'Frying Pan Set' and 'Dress Perfume' have gained popularity this year.

The demand for health products also increased more than 4 times, mainly for 'K-mask'. It has newly entered 4th place in the popular K-products list. It is analyzed that the sales of Korean health supplements such as K-mask, collagen, and multivitamins have increased due to increased health interest from customers due to the long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic.

K-pop products that ranked 2nd in popular K-products list on Shopee have grown about four times compared to the previous year. The demand for K-pop products in Southeast Asian markets is steadily increasing because artist's album sales are reflected only when genuine albums are purchased. Food products have grown about three times and cosmetics have grown about twice. (ANI/Global Economic)

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