S Korean court orders Japan to pay damages to WWII sex slavery victims

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Comfort Women - WWII sex slavery victims (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Comfort Women - WWII sex slavery victims (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Seoul [South Korea], January 8 (ANI/Xinhua): A South Korean court on Friday ordered Japan's government to pay damages to the South Korean victims who were forced into sex slavery for Imperial Japan's military brothels during World War II.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled that Japan should pay reparations of 100 million won (USD 91,200) to each of 12 plaintiffs, who filed a petition for dispute settlement with the Seoul court in August 2013.

It marked the first time that a court here handed down a verdict to order Japan's reparation payment to the victims, euphemistically called the "comfort women".

The damages claim suit was only referred to the Seoul court in January 2016, and the first hearing was held in April last year as the Japanese government declined to officially receive the civil case petition. (ANI/Xinhua)