Konkan MLA helps nab 3 trawlers from Gujarat

Mumbai: To stop the menace of high-speed trawlers from other states, which allegedly undertake fishing in Konkan, legislator Vaibhav Naik went into the sea with the fishery department's patrolling vessels and chased after the intruders. Reportedly, three trawlers from other states have been captured during the operation.

On Wednesday night, Naik, accompanied the patrol boats of the fishery department, along the Malwan coast. Naik, during his operation, followed found 15-20 trawlers fishing illegally in the sea. The team followed them and caught three trawlers from Gujarat, while the rest fled. The local authorities are in the process of initiating legal action against them.  

According to the locals, there have been many instances of fishing trawlers from other states coming to the Konkan seas for fishing. Allegedly, these boats from other states destroy the nets of local fishermen. They usually come in large numbers at night but the local administration has failed to stop this infiltration, claim locals.