KONE Elevators India unveils health & well-being solutions

Chennai, June 2 (PTI): Unveiling health and well-being solutions for use of lifts in buildings due to the COVID-19 outbreak, KONE Elevators India on Tuesday introduced a remote call feature using social media platform like WhatsApp that allows users to call it without touching the buttons.

These were part of a suite of solutions brought out by the company to help buildings and cities be 'safer and healthier' places.

The launch of 'health and well-being solutions' is aimed at reducing the risk of contact with surfaces in shared spaces (like elevator buttons), encourage physical distancing, among others, KONE Elevator India said in a statement Physical distancing 'elevator floor stickers' and elevator full load limit adjustment were also introduced to ensure less crowding, it said.

The company also introduced an 'elevator air purifier' using technology to improve air-quality in it by removing most of the bacteria, viruses, dust and odours in the air.

KONE Handrail Sanitiser -- a cleaning solution using 'ultaviolet light' was also unveiled to disinfect the escalator handrails.

Exposure to 'ultra-violet radiation helps reduce and inhibit the reproduction of micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses, the company, a 100 per cent subsidiary of KONE Corporation, said.

'As we ease out of the lock-down and re-enter public buildings, we need to come to terms with 'new normal' with complete certainty.

To address this changing need,KONE, has introduced a range of health and well being solutions,' company Managing Director Amit Gossain said.

Elevators, escalators and related maintenance are crucial in enabling people to carry out essential activities,he said.

KONE Elevators India has over 50 branches in the country and has about 5,000 employees.

The company's unit in Chennai, besides serving the domestic market, also ships its products to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. PTI VIJ APR RAVINDRANATH APR RAVINDRANATH