Kolkata Woman Takes Father Out for Dinner, Then Burns Him to Death in a Park

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Kolkata: In a horrific incident that took place in the Chandpal Ghat area of North Kolkata, an elderly man was burnt alive in a park by his daughter on Saturday night, just hours after the two enjoyed a meal at a restaurant.

The incident came to light when a few morning walkers noticed charred remains of the deceased, identified as Biswajit Babu, in a park the next morning. The police were informed and the CCTV clips from the area revealed that it was Babu's daughter Piyali who poured kerosene on him and set him on fire while he was asleep in the park. They were both residents of Christopher Road. The footage found the half-burnt body and Piyali next to it.

During interrogation, Piyali revealed that she had taken her father to a restaurant on Saturday night. After dinner, they went to the park for a stroll. Once inside the park, Biswajit decided to relax and enjoying a drink. After he fell asleep, she poured a cup of kerosene over him and set him on fire.

Piyali said she committed the crime as his father was an alcoholic and subjected her to physical abuse and neglect. Police said Piyali got divorced a few years ago and started living with her father.