Kolkata Nurse Breastfeeds Newborn Baby at RG Kar Medical College After Mother Couldn't Lactate; No One Else Came Forward to Help Amid COVID-19 Scare

Team Latestly

Kolkata, June 1:  A young nurse at a city hospital nursed her a newborn after with her own milk after the infant's mother couldn't. According to a Times of India report, the nurse identified as Uma Adhikary is a new mother couldn't bear to see the few hours born infant crying for milk. The infant's mother couldn't feed the child because she had undergone a C-section and was yet to start lactating.

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The general practice is when a mother fails to lactate immediately after the birth of a child, other mothers pitch in. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, no one was ready to step forward this time. It was then that the nurse nursed the newborn baby with her own milk. The article mentioned that Uma was one of the several healthcare workers in the country who had to face harassment by people around her due to her profession. Delhi Man Dies After Lying Unconscious at Yusuf Sarai Market For Over 3 Hours as Onlookers Feared Helping Him Amid COVID-19 Scare

Last week, a man died after lying unconscious for over three hours as people around him feared to help him amid the coronavirus scare. Amid all the negative news flooding the social media pages and news channels about people turning selfish, abandoning near ones, and not extending help to people in need fearing the spread of coronavirus, the selfless act by the nurse reinstates our faith in humanity.

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