Kolkata misses date with Sindur Khela due to COVID, limited celebrations keep the spirit alive

Sindur Khela or the vermilion holi is integral to the Durga puja celebrations. It happens on the last day before immersion, the last celebration while bidding goodbye to Maa Durga. This also marks the beginning of the wait for an entire year. But the celebrations have been much muted this time due to the pandemic. Court hadnt allowed gathering thus the traditional sindurkhela didn't happen in its usual glory. But women of the respective neighbourhood performed the basic rituals with a heavy heart and their prayers are one, next year Maa Durga should come without Covid in this world. A day that otherwise belongs to women, had over the years embraced men too as they too participate in the sindur khela. It's like celebrating love and spreading love with the sound of dhak, bidding Maa Durga a goodbye but in a joyous manner.