Kolkata Medical Apathy: Rats Gouge Out Eyes of Body Sent For Post-Mortem at RG Kar Medical College

Team Latestly

Kolkata, August 21: In a shocking case of medical apathy, the family members of a 69-year-old man, whose body was sent for post-mortem at RG Kar Medical College, refused to take the body back on Monday evening. The family claimed that the deceased's eyes were missing from the body.  According to an Indian Express report, the family stated that hospital employees blamed rats present at the morgue behind the missing eyes.

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The body of the deceased was sent for post-mortem because it was a case of unnatural death. The family received the body wrapped up in plastic sheets and with a piece of cloth after the post-mortem. On removing the cover, they found his eyes were missing.  The family later accepted the body after the R G Kar hospital authorities started a probe into the incident. Kerala Medical Apathy: 7-Year-Old Goes For Nasal Surgery, Gets Operated for Hernia Instead After Doctor Confuses Him With Another Patient.

Recently, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation had served a notice to R G Kar hospital over dirty premises and asked the hospital authorities to clean it within seven days. There are several cases of medical negligence behind heard from hospitals across the country.

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