Kolkata hosts Bangladesh Book Fair

Kolkata, Nov.23 (ANI): Literature enthusiasts in Kolkata as the city is hosting a three-day book fair of Bengali literature.

The book fair began here on Friday and saw a large number of enthusiasts flocking the venue.

Nabaneeta Dev Sen, former wife of noted Indian economist and noted novelist Amartya Sen, said the fair gives an opportunity to the younger generation to get a closer look at the rich Indian and Bangladeshi literature.

"I think it is a great opportunity for all of us. We hear a lot about Bangladesh and literature that is produced in Bangladesh. No one really gets a chance and this fair is a great opportunity for all of us, specially the younger generation who are interested but do not get an opportunity to travel to Bangladesh and get books. It is a great opportunity for all of us," said Sen.

She also emphasised that literature from both countries is powerful and rich and should be promoted.

"All of our Indian languages and literature are very powerful and strong. But in Bangladesh there is just one language and on literature so the kind of attention that can be given by the government there is not possible in India, its not possible," added Sen.

Sen added that such fair should be held continuously for greater cultural engagement between India and Bangladesh. (ANI)