Kolkata Doctors Find Unusual Symptoms in Patients as City Copes with Dengue Ahead of Kali Puja

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West Bengal faces a sudden spike in dengue cases after the conclusion of the Durga Puja festival, and doctors have discovered unusual symptoms such as neurological and behavioural disorders in patients.

The recent trend has become a cause of worry as the state gears up for Kali Puja, Bengal’s second-biggest festival that is celebrated alongside Diwali, The Telegraph reported.

Last year, the dengue count rose during September on October. However, the doctor and hospital officials have noticed it to be a little different this year, when the number of reported dengue cases started rising especially during Puja.

So far, Ruby General Hospital has admitted and diagnosed 13 patients. Subhasish Dutta, general manager of Ruby hospital, said there were a few dengue patients last month. “The admission rush began just before Puja,” he added.

At Belle Vue Clinic, the number of diagnosed patients with dengue fever is as high as 24, as reported on Thursday. An official at the hospital confirmed that the average number of dengue patients admitted to Belle Vue on any given day in September ranged from seven to 10.

On the other hand, AMRI Salt Lake has admitted 12 patients so far, with seven cases at AMRI Dhakuria. As per an AMRI official, the average daily count of dengue patients at Salt Lake unit was 10 in September.

Several children have also been tested positive for dengue. Institute of Child Health had 23 children with dengue admitted on Thursday.

The doctors and health experts has blamed this sudden spurt on the changing weather conditions. Since Puja, the city has witnessed spells of light rains, which has resulted in creating puddles across the city. It has to be noted that fresh water is the ideal breeding ground for the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti mosquito.