Ishant Sharma Mimics Steve Smith, Virat Kohli Can’t Stop Laughing

Ishant Sharma imitates Steve Smith on the field and Kohli cannot stop laughing. 

We know all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But our Indian cricket team boys make time for laugh and play even under serious pressure on the field.

As Ishant Sharma tried to keep Steve Smith low with his pacers, he couldn’t help but agitate the Australian batsman on one such occasions. After an awesome delivery, Ishant shook his head with a weird ‘monkey face’ leaving not just Virat Kohli but Steve Smith pretty amused too.

Take a look at the clip here.

We all know the chemistry India and Australia have on the cricket field. Even though this was a fairly fun expression exchange on the field, we haven’t forgotten the major row involving Harbhajan Singh in 2008.

But this light banter has already flooded the Twitter with all kinds of jokes.

Just for laughs, Ishant. Thank you!