Why Do Indians Touch The Feet Of Elders? Know The Reason And Significance

Prerna Aditi

In India, touching the feet of elders is considered to be one of the important common gestures. It is considered to be a way of giving respect to elders and seeking their blessings. Also known as Charan Sparsh, it has been followed for ages, probably since the Vedic period.

Children from a small age are taught to touch the feet of their elders and there is a beautiful reason for doing it. You must have seen that before commencing any job or leaving for work, or after coming home or meeting someone after a long-time, Indians touch the feet of elders. We do it even for older people who are introduced to us for the first time.

It is believed that when a person bows down to touch the feet of elders, the person's ego comes to an end. The person gives respect to his or elder's wisdom, knowledge, age and experience. In return, the elders then bless the person.

Scientific Reason Behind Touching Feet

1. It is said that the human body contains negative and positive current. The left side of the body is said to carry the negative current while the right side of the body carries positive energy. When a person touches the feet of another person, the two bodies connect with each other, which creates a complete circuit of positive and negative energy.

2. When a person touches the feet of elders, he or she keeps his ego and negative vibes aside while touching the feet. On the other hand, the elders touch your head with emotions filled with Karuna (affection) and bless you. This emits positive vibes from the elders, which are passed on to you.

3. It is said that touching the feet of elders also has a biological significance. The nerves are spread all over the body of a human. Some of them end at the toes of the feet and the fingertips of our hands. So, when the fingertips of a person touch the toes of his her elders, the finger becomes the receptor of energy, thereby, accepting energy emitted from the body of the elders, while the toes of the elders become the giver of energy.

The Right Way To Touch The Feet

While you are all set to touch the feet of a respectable or elder person, you must bend your upper body towards the person without bending your knees. Stretch your arm in a forward direction to touch the feet of the person. Make sure the arms are straight and parallel to the body. You need to touch the left toe of the person with your right hand and the right toe of the person with your left hand. After this, the elder person will place his or her right hand to cover your head and give you his or her blessings.

Touching the feet of an elder or a respectable person results in them blessing you with strength, health, good life, wisdom, success and knowledge.

Whose Feet Should You Touch?

Indians touch the feet of their father, mother, teachers, grandparents, uncle, aunt, elder brothers and sisters, older friends and mentors or gurus. You should touch the feet of those who are knowledgeable, respectable and elder to you. This is because a person who has acquired knowledge, experience, values and ethics throughout his or her life will bless you with the same.

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