All You Need To Know About ‘Hindi Medium’ Actress Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar was born in Hyderabad, Pakistan

Saba Qamar smiles for the camera. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

She will be romancing Irrfan Khan in upcoming film, Hindi Medium

Irrfan Khan with Saba Qamar in Hindi Medium. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Qamar established herself as a leading actress in Pakistan for portraying the singer Noor Jehan in Manto

Saba Qamar also acted in Manto. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Her claim to fame: Pakistani TV series Dhoop Mein Andhera Hai and Jinnah Ke Naam

Saba in Manto. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

She’s worked in over 27 Pakistani dramas, including Maat which made it to Indian audiences on Zindagi

Saba Qamar starred in TV serial, Maat. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

And she chills with Atif Aslam like it’s just another day

Saba with Atif Aslam. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

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