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Well, several planetary conjunctions are underway in the year 2021. And the year is bound to be full of surprises. Well, massive developments are likely to take place during the year. The reason is the massive celestial developments that are happening in the sky. A stellium is all set to take place in the coming days. A stellium involves the conjunction of four huge planets which will form a powerful enclosed foursome in Capricorn, on 28th January 2021. The four planets are - Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Sun will share the same house until February 13, 2021.

This stellium is very important as it includes the Lord of Karma and Dharma along with the Planet of Beauty and the oh-so-powerful Sun. Besides, Saturn is also the ruler of Capricorn stellium, which represents a no-nonsense attitude towards life. Besides, this combination also triggers the power to consolidate national and international borders, law and order, police and security issues, land and infrastructure development, and many more which can be highlighted by the Capricorn stellium.

Well, Capricorn is infamous. He is referred to as a selfish, boring, practical, over-conscious, and cold-hearted sign. However, it is a sign that portrays magic, unity, mystery, and eternal life. It can be stated that the powerful planetary conjunction in Capricorn shows us a door to a new life, one that we all need after a terrific 2020.

Stellium And Its Impact On India And The Larger World :

Big Changes Foreseen In The Indian System
Save the date 28th January 2021 to 12th February 2021. The stellium of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Sun will take place during this period. The Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will bring in revolutionary changes in the Indian agricultural system. Professional and industrial development will also take place for which the Indian government may introduce new laws and policies. The new norms will be formed to reduce the poverty rate in the nation for which the government will also create a job market.

India Will Become Stronger & More Powerful
Well, Ganesha predicts that India will become more powerful than ever due to Jupiter-Saturn-Sun-Venus effects. But, it will rise high at the cost of certain unfriendly & rival nations, which may create ill-will towards India in these neighbouring countries. Also, India may have to make several important decisions to improve its economic growth. In fact, the possibility of a change in the government is also not ruled out. Maybe the coming changes will help the nation move towards ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’, the vision of our P.M., Shri Narendra Modi.

Climatic Disruptions Seen In Westerm & Southern India
On the contrary, the Western and Southern states the ones near the sea coast may witness cyclones and severe storms. Besides, the film industry may have to pack up for a few months as this period is not suitable to them. A new statue of Kobe Bryant, David Stern, or any other famous sports personalities may be set up somewhere in the world in the coming year.

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The Impact Of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction On The 12 Signs:

The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Aries Natives
The conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Sun will be seen in the 10th house of Aries natives. Due to this combination, natives of the Aries sign will see some changes in their work and office. These changes may help you grow and become more productive at the workplace. For all the businesspersons, this phase can be a bit rocky for you. So for a trouble free phase for your business, Perform Ganesha Puja Online with expert pandits!

Owing to this stellium in Capricorn, there may be more tension in the family. Due to this development, your expenses are likely to go up too. You may feel concerned about your family as well as your health. Get your regular medical checkups done. The stars predict that you may face urinary problems in the coming days.

The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Taurus Natives
The 9th house of Taurus natives will get affected by the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Sun. Individuals may have to visit law firms now and then. It may take a big toll on you as it may make you very busy and tired. As you will do frequent rounds of the court, you may get into confrontations with your seniors or departmental heads on unnecessary topics. However you are advised to stay calm amidst all the chaos. Also, you should stay away from making any monetary investments as this period is not a good time to do that.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Gemini Natives
Venus Sun Jupiter Saturn Conjunction will take place in the 8th house of Gemini Horoscope. Consequently, you will enjoy a peaceful time with your family. Going out on picnics, having BBQs, spending the day at the beach, etc. will help you get closer with your family members. However, despite enjoyment you will have to stay on your toes as one of your family members may face health issues.

The good part in this conjunction is that you may make big bucks in your bank account. However, adding more to your troubles, the stellium will also create several problems with your partner.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Cancer Natives
This stellium of the four planets in Capricorn may turn out to be beneficial for the Cancer natives. The stars will empower you to make some life-changing bold decisions in your life. You may mingle with associates of various companies due to the influence of stellium in the 7th house. Besides, it may be a good time for you to switch over to another job or business.

Your hectic professional life can make you mentally stressed. The planetary conjunction will work in your favour for your pending property work, and you will get solutions for it quite easily. However, your health may remain a little weak as you may face chest or heart-related issues during this period.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Leo Natives
As we know, the four planets will come together in Capricorn forming powerful stellium in the 6th house of Leo natives. This phase of planetary conjunction may be a colourful one for Leo natives. You may get very excited as you may find new changes at the workplace or you may shift your office to a new place altogether.

This may be a fruitful phase for you to start a new business. You may make small work related trips and are likely to spend more money. Also, you may have leg pain or skin-related problems, so stay very careful.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Virgo Natives
The stellium of four houses in Capricorn may impact the Virgo sign in a big way. Consequently, Virgo natives may face more trouble regarding their property-related work. During this phase, your relationship with your friends and buddies may get impacted. You may have silly arguments or small fights and think that you don't understand each other. But Chai Pe Charcha would work for you and help in having a better understanding.

There is also a possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding with your dating partner. A lot of unnecessary expenses may affect your financial planning. At the same time, the government can go easy, a new public policy may help you make monetary gains. The stars predict that you meet with an accident during this period so you should stay very careful while travelling.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction On Libra Natives
As Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun will conjunct in Capricorn, the natives of Libra zodiac sign, individuals won’t have mental peace. During this phase, you can make good profits from your ancestral property, which may be good but it can add on to your stress. Additionally, you can face difficulties with your spouse. Besides, you should refrain from arguing with your friends or else it may add on to your sufferings.

As for your professional life, you should not get too involved into your family issues. Besides, you should be careful about your business partnerships. Also while travelling, do not think too much, because you deserve that weekend getaway and a mini vacation. You may end up spending money more than is needed, but the experience that you get will help you grow. It is also predicted that you may face problems related to shoulders, hands, or eyes, so don’t delay the check up.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Scorpio Natives
The conjunction of Sun Venus Saturn and Jupiter will strongly influence the 3rd house of Scorpio birth-chart. Due to this, the natives will embark on many short trips with your family. But to make the good time even better, you will have to deal with several relationship issues with your partner.

You have the skills to solve the doubts and queries related to financial matters. This talent will help you earn good profits via a commission-based business or affiliate marketing. Besides, you should not make any new venture or business as you may not get the desired results in your business partnerships also.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction On Sagittarius Natives
For the natives of Sagittarius sign, your 2nd house will witness the Venus Saturn Sun Jupiter conjunction. It may affect you in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined. You may spend a great time with your family members. Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Working professionals may see the desired changes in their office.

The freshers and those who are looking for their first job, you will get your golden ticket to the job that is best suited to you. The government policies can make you run here and there, and still, your work will be pending. Well, you fight only with the people you love, right? During this conjunction, you may have those silly fights and misunderstandings with your mother. But make sure to solve them fast, staying mad with your mother is stupidity. Also, your bank loan may get approved, and you’ll also earn a profit with a commission-based business.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Capricorn Natives
The Venus Sun Saturn Jupiter conjunction will take place in the 1st house of Capricorn. You will get an amalgamated bag owing to the strong influence of this stellium. For example, this season you may hear wedding bells, as singles may get amazing marriage proposals. But you should not be in a hurry to go on adventures and try new things. You should settle down and get yourself familiarized with the new startings of your life.

You may have heated arguments with your family elders, it may be about your marriage or any other topic. Capricorn natives should postpone making any long-time investment as this is not a good time to do so. Also, while making any business decisions, you should be careful and cross-check all the matters.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Aquarius Natives
As for the natives of Aquarius sign, the four planets stellium in Capricorn will take place in the 12th house. Thus, you will be able to make progress in your careers. Your finances and money which was stuck for months you will finally get it back. The strong efforts and toil that you have put in will result in the relative change that you’ll see in your work or business.

You should be courageous and should have a lot of trust if you are carrying out commission-based business or have business partners. This is important as sometimes they can turn out to be lethal to you. Thus, you should be more careful about their work. Don’t feel jealous of your relatives, instead, you should focus on the things you have. Try to maintain the connection and bond you have with your partner. If there are any pending husband/wife property issues, you’ll find its solution soon.

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The Impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on Pisces Natives
Pisces natives can make huge profits from the stock market. This will happen due to the planetary conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, and Venus in their 11th house. During this time, Pisces natives will achieve mental peace. As January ends,it will bring you new opportunities so that you can start your new work or business. It is a good phase to make any new financial investments.

Are you thinking of starting any new professional work or freelancing? Why should you wait? This is a favourable time for you too. Your equation with your friends may get a bit annoying as there’ll be a few silly arguments. But they are your pals, meet up for coffee and sort out everything that is needed. You will spend a good time at your office with your work and colleagues.

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