What should we know about country chic kitchens

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What should we know about country chic kitchens
What should we know about country chic kitchens

06 Feb 2021: What should we know about country chic kitchens

Also referred as "shabby chic" or "French country design," country chic kitchens have gained quite a lot of popularity in the past few years.

More and more people are leaning toward this heavily relaxed décor that makes your kitchen look like something out of a vintage fairytale.

Here are some elements to keep in mind if you want a country chic kitchen.

Distressed and weathered finishes: Distressed and weathered finishes will give a vintage country look

Distressed and weathered finishes: Weathered and distressed finishes are a common occurrence with this kitchen cabinet style.

No matter if you go for pastel colors or white, the distressed design will give that vintage country look.

As opposed to the sleekness of modern painted furniture, this rugged kind of finish will give off a more "back to nature" kind of vibe.

Fact: The weathered design will show the dominance of wood

"The essence is a refined elegance that is humbled by bringing in aspects of nature like weathered and whitewashed wood, and neutral color palettes," Ariel Richardson, ASR Design lead designer says. This weathered design will show the dominance of wood while giving a refined feel.

Repurposed items: Repurposed items can turn into an attractive furniture in kitchen

Repurposed items: Country chic kitchen cabinets often have repurposed items in them. For example, you may often see an old whisky or wine wood barrel that was repurposed into a table.

This rustic idea will look unique, and with a little bit of imagination, it can be turned into quite an attractive piece of furniture for your kitchen.

Galvanized metal: Galvanized metal brings out the modern finish of a kitchen

Galvanized metal: In terms of decorating country chic kitchen cabinets, one common material that you may find is galvanized metal.

The reason why it is so popular is that it brings out the modern finish of a kitchen, without necessarily bringing the usual shine and bling of metals.

Plus, the finish is often low maintenance, with the ability to age well.

Distinctive kitchen island: Choose a freestanding island that features a repurposed vintage vibe

Distinctive kitchen island: In a country chic kitchen, you will certainly need an island as well.

Modern islands with granite countertops are not really going to serve the purpose. Instead, go for a freestanding island that features a repurposed, vintage vibe.

Distressed wood margins would look best but search for natural finishes.

Also, do not try to match everything.

Flower patterns: Flower patterns add touch of nature and organic element

Floral patterns: You can't have a country chic kitchen without floral patterns around.

"Floral patterns bring a touch of nature and an organic element into a room," says Aimee Lagos, the co-founder of Hygee & West.

Flowers are quite a common aspect of country design in general, as they make the place feel more natural and welcoming.

Fact: 'Florals are about culture as well as nature'

"Florals are about nature, but they're also about culture, and bringing plants and plant imagery into the domestic sphere," Christian Geall, the author of Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style says.

Natural design: Country chic kitchen should stay as natural as possible

Natural Design: Perhaps the most important part of a country chic kitchen is that things should stay as natural as possible. Exposed wood is common, as well as natural colors (brown, green), colors that you would normally find in nature as well.

Natural stone may also make its appearance in this kind of kitchen design.

Nature: Country chic kitchen cabinets are more in touch with nature

Bear in mind that the materials will have a weathered appearance rather than a polished one.

Country chic kitchen cabinets are more "in touch with nature," so it is unlikely that you will see perfectly finished furniture with no flaw.

Instead, these kitchens will have a feeling of "someone is actually living here" - something that you can't usually get from a modern kitchen.

Fact: These kitchens will make users feel comfortable and at peace

Country chic kitchens are a great option for those who are looking for some inner peace. The earthly and natural tones will make the user feel comfortable and at peace with their surroundings. And it is not even as difficult to achieve.