Know how to choose the right shoes for your outfit

Meera Venugopal
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Know how to choose the right shoes for your outfit
Know how to choose the right shoes for your outfit

14 Mar 2021: Know how to choose the right shoes for your outfit

A beautiful outfit with clashing footwear is the ultimate recipe for a fashion disaster.

Choosing the right shoes can elevate any look, while the wrong ones will bring down the overall style quotient.

There are simple pointers you should keep in mind while picking your shoes.

Following these steps is a foolproof way to make sure that your shoe game is on point.

Outfit: Professional or casual: Identify the type of your outfit

The first step in picking the right footwear is to identify the kind of clothing that you will wear.

While matching sneakers with every outfit is a trend, it is better to go by the book if you're unsure of how to style your sneaker look.

Identifying if the overall theme is professional or casual will give you the right head-start.

Personal style: Do not compromise on your personal style while at it

Perhaps the most important aspect of any look is owning the style and acing it with comfort.

While you may be comfortable doing small experiments, selecting outfits or shoes that feel alien to you will show in the way you carry yourself.

Instead of moving around in discomfort, choose a shoe style that stands by your taste and suits the occasion as well.

Color and size: Choosing the right color and size is of key importance

Picking the right color and size of shoes is the next step.

Choose a color that matches your shirt or one which is of the same color as your pants or skirt.

But this can go wrong if your footwear and clothing are different shades of the same color.

In such cases, choose a color that is the same as your skin tone.

Activity: Consider the activity that you're likely to be doing

The kind of activities you are likely to be part of should also be considered before finalizing your footwear.

Oftentimes, we fail to consider the amount of time that will be spent sitting, standing, or walking while choosing footwear.

Choose walking shoes and not sandals if you're headed to the zoo. Similarly, wear comfortable pumps and not pencil heels at the party you're hosting.