I Know I Am Privileged and I Can’t Take That Away: Nupur Sanon

Kriti Sanon’s sister, Nupur Sanon, made her debut with a music video opposite Akshay Kumar and it’s already a hit. Filhall has already crossed 140 million views. Sung by B Praak who has previously sung for Akshay Kumar in Kesari, the song’s lyrics have been penned by Jaani. We spoke to Nupur who told us how her sister has paved way for her in the industry and B Praak and Jaani talk about remix controversy and what they think about it.

I am sure Akshay wouldn’t have needed any convincing.

B Praak: No no, nothing like that. Azeem from ‘Teri Mitti’ introduced me to Akshay for the first time. He (Azeem) gave me the song ‘Teri Mitti’, so I dubbed for the song. Akshay sir called me after that and he appreciated me a lot. During that time, I made him listen to this song ‘Filhall’, and he loved the song.

And how did Nupur come on board?

Nupur Sanon: So Azeem only, the same person. Actually, I had gone to meet him for something else and he was like, “Do you also act? Because I can see you in something. I have something and I think you will go well in that character.” The next day he said that the director wants to meet you. So I met Jaani, I met Arvinder sir. The lights went off and we heard the song on the speaker. I closed my eyes and I knew I have to do this. I heard the story also and it was beautiful. Till then I didn’t know that Akshay sir was also a part of it.

Honestly, I had asked Kriti one question, “How is he (Akshay)? Is he nice?” She was like, “What kind of a question are you asking? Of course, he is very warm. You don’t take stress. You just be real, be organic. Just go with the flow and if you have any doubts you can always ask him. He is very nice by nature.” Which I did. I asked a lot of questions. All of them tell me that I ask a lot of questions.

Do you think Kriti has paved the way for you, here in Bollywood?

Nupur Sanon: She has definitely helped me and I wouldn’t deny it. There have been a lot of pros and I’m blessed that at least people know of me. At least, if I have to meet a big director or producer, to just go and meet one on one.It’s always better to bring out your own personality individually if you go and meet someone. So, at least I can do that. I have a lot of friends. Mostly, all my friends are not from the industry. And a lot of them are trying for acting. I feel bad also that some of them can’t even meet.

You feel privileged.

Nupur Sanon: Yeah. That’s there. That’s something I can’t take away and I wouldn’t want to take away. But at the same time, she has guided me but no one can get you a film or something.

A lot has been talked about remixes. Recently, a music director has been lashing out on other fellow music directors but what do you think about it?

Jaani: You know, original is original. No doubt. We also take the same stand. We have also make remixes but those are very rare. One or two of those will release soon. But yes, original is original. You cannot compare that. I feel the better originals you make, lesser will be the remakes.

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