Klay Thompson's China tour takes ugly turn after friend suffers hard foul

Klay Thompson’s lighthearted sneaker tour of China took a serious turn on the court when one of his friends was dealt a hard foul. (AP)

Last summer, Klay Thompson took a tour of China as part of his $80 million deal with Chinese shoe company Anta.

From the video shared, it looked like a blast despite the lasting image from the trip being video of him bricking a dunk attempt.

More silly video coming out of Thompson’s China tour

He’s back at it again on another tour that appears to be equal parts fun and cringe-inducing with video surfacing of him getting owned by a little girl in pop-a-shot and working as a hype man for some questionable Chinese free-style hip-hop.

It’s all seemed fun and games until video surfaced Wednesday of Thompson mixing it up on the court after a hard foul left his friend upended and flying off the court. Let’sGoWarriors provided the video replete with NSFW language and Thompson genuinely incensed.

Things get serious

The foul is not captured in the above video, but can be seen below around the 5:30 mark.

That was an ugly foul and plenty reason for Thompson to get involved. For the Warriors and Anta, it’s probably best the situation didn’t escalate beyond some shoving and a few F bombs.

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