Kite market in Gujarat's Rajkot decked up ahead of Uttarayan

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Visual from the kite market. (Photo/ANI)
Visual from the kite market. (Photo/ANI)

Rajkot (Gujarat) [India], January 11 (ANI): Ahead of upcoming Uttarayan festival, the market in Rajkot has been decked up with a variety of kites, including COVID-19 theme, kites with the photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, cricketers and actors.

"This year over 1,500 verities of kites are in the market. Like every year the kites of PM Modi's photographs are in high demand along with coronavirus themed kites," Rajni Patel a shopkeeper told ANI on Sunday.

The kite market has been stocked up with different types of kites printed with massages like Modi hai to mumkin hai, Wear a mask to beat coronavirus, a photograph of actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli. Animated characters, superheroes were also printed on the kites.

A customer, who came to buy kites for the upcoming festival, said "I feel this Sankranti will be the best festival due to the pandemic as we all were confined to our homes. But now the government allowed us to celebrate it I am very excited."

Every year, Gujarat celebrates the Uttarayan festival, popularly known as the festival of kites on January 14. The festival is dedicated to Sun God and referred for a healthy wealthy beginning of the year. Many cities in Gujarat organise kite competition between their citizens where the people all compete with each other. (ANI)